Characters that Haunt You

Lead us from the Unreal to the Real

Who’s been following you around?

Pick one of the characters that inhabit your brain. Today is that character’s birthday! They’re going to emerge from your head to appear in a new scene on your page or screen.

100 years after the the battle, after a small hairy footed creature saved our world, the fate of men continues to be indeterminable. The King is long dead and the pointy-eared, immortal folk have moved on. The short gruff creatures have gone back to their home land.

And as for me? I have no homeland. I am constantly on the move and by doing so, I hear the stories. Stories of the greatness that these inhabitants have done for this land. How they managed, against all odds, to bring it back from the darkness that threatened to consume us. For that, they will forever be immortal. Me, on the other hand, will forever…

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