History Will Repeat, in One Form or Another

Adrain on Society

Following the removal of a blond girl from a Roma family in Greece (more details here), another was taken by authorities in Ireland for the same reason; she could not have been of Roma stock if she was blonde. Only, of course, she could. And surprise surprise, it turns out she was.

The uncomfortable thing about this is that it is almost certain that Ireland will get all the flack for that and Greece will get off scot free, simply because their equally baseless suspicions turned out to be correct. What won’t be covered as comprehensively is the racism that led to both sets of actions; both sets saw a girl who didn’t look enough like her parents and decided that she was abducted. That’s abducted, not legally or illegally adopted.

Suffice to say such an assumption is fairly unlikely to be made about any other group of people…

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Hunters Arrive, for Better or Worse

Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge

It seems early, but they’re here.

On the fringes of the neighborhood.

At least they are trying to be considerate.

Staying in the shadows until the school buses are gone.

Quiet. Still.

Politely nodding acknowledgement.

Such throwbacks.

Almost expect them in fringed, beaded buckskins riding painted ponies.

Moving silently, their sudden appearance beside you a surprise.

Mixed feelings about it.

It’s the killing part.

How about picking on something your own size?

 Maybe armed with equal weapons?

Fairness not part of this equation.

Food chain reality.

Demonstration of superior thought and skill.

The hunters are back in town. And truth be told, a little glad to see them.

A couple of cool fronts have already push through to the coast.

The Monarchs and hummingbirds enjoyed the flowers’ final burst of energy before flying on south.

Ducks are arriving and squawking for winter water positions among the boats and docks.


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So, Here Goes: I Am Ugly

Fatshion Hustlings

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long while now, because I think it is something important that is worth saying, both on my part and on the part of anybody else who feels this way about themselves, and to anybody who finds that this way of thinking is a sad thing that denotes low self-esteem, when it actually has more to do with self-identification and wanting to self-identify in whatever way we want.

So, here goes:

I am ugly.

Naturally, this is not the first time I have said this. As somebody who has had the severe misfortune of being a teenager before, I used to declare myself ugly all the time, just like pretty much everybody else around me. Back then I said it primarily to gain sympathy and maybe a denying comment or two. “You’re not ugly Gillian, what are you saying?” “C’mon, I’d kill…

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Characters that Haunt You

Lead us from the Unreal to the Real

Who’s been following you around?

Pick one of the characters that inhabit your brain. Today is that character’s birthday! They’re going to emerge from your head to appear in a new scene on your page or screen.

100 years after the the battle, after a small hairy footed creature saved our world, the fate of men continues to be indeterminable. The King is long dead and the pointy-eared, immortal folk have moved on. The short gruff creatures have gone back to their home land.

And as for me? I have no homeland. I am constantly on the move and by doing so, I hear the stories. Stories of the greatness that these inhabitants have done for this land. How they managed, against all odds, to bring it back from the darkness that threatened to consume us. For that, they will forever be immortal. Me, on the other hand, will forever…

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